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Craft Beer

Craft Beer  | Zion Canyon Brew Pub - Springdale, UT

At Zion Canyon Brew Pub, we believe that a real restaurant, bar, and pub just isn’t the same without a variety of excellent craft beer, as well as live music entertainment. Sure, we love our local beers, but we love supporting local talent as well!

When you go out, you want to have an experience. At Zion Canyon Brew Pub, we offer you unique craft beers, as well as new, up-and-coming musicians who will blow you away. Experience “Local” in Springdale the way that locals do.

Our selection of craft beer features beers from our own microbrewery in Springdale, UT. Zion Canyon Brewing Company offers a selection of great specialty brews, including:
Jamaican Style Lager Light and crisp with honey, hoppy finish.
Conviction Stout A dry stout; very dark, roasted, chocolaty, creamy ale.
Springdale Amber Ale A very clean, slightly bitter beer with a smooth, malty character.
Redemption IPA West coast style pale ale with assertive citrus notes and a rich, malty body.
Lodge Beer Complex, but drinkable, light ale with spiced, floral undertones.
Delusion Ale Toasty, malty ESB with mellow, enjoyable finish.

Try something new! Stop by Zion Canyon Brew Pub at the park entrance. Situated at Zion Village, making it easy for Springdale, UT locals, and international visitors.

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