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About Zion Canyon Brew Pub

About Us | Zion Canyon Brew Pub - Springdale, UT

Zion Canyon Brew Pub is really an extension of the Zion Canyon Brewing Co. We had a desire to provide a platform for the brewing company, in order to show off its great handcrafted beers. The Zion National Park was the perfect location to do so. It offers exceptional scenery, as well as a laid-back vibe, which suits the Zion Canyon Brewing brand to a tee. Besides this, there is no other pub or restaurant within the Zion National Park which offers the unique products and experience that we do.

At Zion Canyon Brew Pub, you will find the complete range of Zion Canyon Brewing Co. beers. All of our beers are brewed and manufactured at our Springdale, UT microbrewery. When it comes to a varied range of excellent handcrafted beers in Springdale, UT, there is no better than Zion Canyon Brew Pub.

Of course, craft beer goes down perfectly by itself. However, pair it with some delicious pub grub, and you elevate it to new heights. Zion Canyon Brew Pub is the ultimate amalgamation of fun and refreshing craft beers, and delicious simple food, which is truly what the ultimate craft beer experience is all about. There is nothing better than a burger and a beer, after all!

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